Kartalkaya Snow Forecast





Kartalkaya Ski Resort

Kartalkaya is one of the most important ski resort of Turkey. Ski resort is set up on Köroğlu mountains which is located southeast of Bolu city. Usually ski season starts on December and end up with april. The region is much more convenient for alpine skiing. Normally the average of snow depth is 2.50 meters on winter season. Overall length of the slopes is approximately 20 km.


There are several hotels that you can accommodate in Kartalkaya, the most popular ones are Grand Kartal, Kartal Otel and Dorukkaya. 

How you can Access?

Kartalkaya is 30 Km away from Bolu, it takes 45 minutes by car. Also there are hotel shuttles From Bolu to Kartalkaya. On the other hand you can use public transportation from Bolu to Kartalkaya. The closest airports are İstanbul / Sabiha Gökçen and Ankara/ Esenboğa.