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Uludag is the most popular winter sports center of Turkey. It is the highest mountain of Marmara region with an altitude of 2543 meters. It is appearing near to the city of Bursa which is 200 km. away from Istanbul.

Along the history Uludag has called with several names. In ancient times it was called as Olympos by Greeks and Olympus by Romans. In middle ages it was called as mountain of monks because of the rising monastic life population. In Turkish, Uludag means “Great Mountain” ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uludag )

Uludag ski center is only 50 minutes away from Bursa and can be reached the ski resorts both by highway and cable car. The most convenient period for skiing is between the 15th of January and 20th of March.

Uludag offers you the opportunity of more than 30 accommodation options, 22 lifts with several slopes, a shopping center and a health center, a post office and a military police office,night clubs, pubs, restaurants & cafés.

The undisputed fact that Uludag is the best place for your winter vacations in Turkey.

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