Val Frejus, Savoie France

What is Speed Riding ?

Speed riding is the new winter sport which combines ski, kitesurf, paragliding and freeride. The history of speedriding is not very old. In 2001, a skydiver wanted to see what he could able to do with his skis and canopy. He flied and touched the snow with his skis at the same time, like a seagull. In 2003, a group of paraglider which is among them Fred Fugen, Antoine Montant, David Eyraud, ve Frank Coupat inspired by the skydiver and tried to improve this new technique by using 10m² wings and they saw that they had a new winter sport and called it speed riding.

School of Speed Riding, Ataka

The school is located in Val Frejus where the only place to learn the sport in France. There are 2 types of course program that you can join, 5 day courses starts on every Monday to Friday and weekend courses. Lessons take place on all day, 7 hours daily. There are 2 instructors for each 10 speedriding students and all instructors are English speaker.

The equipments provided by the school, excluding ski and the price of the 5 day course is very reasonable only 450 €.

Val Frejus

Val Frejus is very modest, small and lovely place comparing with the other ski resorts in Europe. Resort is located in the Southern France Alps which is closed to Modane. There are lots of apart for your accommodation and the prices are really appropriate for every budget. There is one super market that you can fit your all needs also there are lots of cafes, restaurants and pubs for enjoying the good times with your friends and family. Beside all these you can simply access the resort; it takes 2:45 hour to Modane from Lyon by train. Modane to Val Frejus is only 10 minutes by taxi.If you able to ski on black slopes on any type of snow it is really worth to try this extremely enjoyable sport. For more information you can contact ataka@ecole-speedriding.com