Skiing Equipments

   If we compare skiing with the other sports, we see that skiing is much more comprehensive than the other sports. Hence, we should know all important details about how to choose skiing clothes, equipments and slopes, which is convenient for our skiing level. 

   If you want to experience skiing, firstly you have to decide where to go. You have to choose a ski resort that meets your needs. Basically, ski resorts encompass hotels, ski runs and lifts. Lifts are the machines which help us to reach to the top of the slopes. We can categorize the lifts into there groups, aerial lifts, surface lifts and railway lifts.

   Before I continue to explain the details about how to choose skiing equipments, I want to clarify one disturbing question. Why skiing is so expensive?  There are mainly 2 reasons that makes the skiing is an expensive sport. The first reason is high costs of building up a ski resort and the second major reason is the nature of the sport.

   Entrepreneurs spend lots of money for building hotels and lifts. Usually these resorts located in close to the skiing area where the snow conditions adequate for skiing. As all we know that snow always melt and that makes the skiing is a seasonal business for entrepreneurs.

   On the other hand, because the nature of the sport we need advanced clothes such as water and wind resistant jackets and pants. In addition we need some accessories like gloves, socks, goggles etc. Along these the most important thing that we will be needing a pair of ski, boots and poles.

   As you see when we combine all these factors we should be ready to willing to pay sum of money. But do not worry, it is well worth it and in the following chapters you will find some tips and the ways how to decrease the costs.