Kick Turn


The Kick turn gives the ability of changing direction 180 degrees without moving down or uphill. It is very common and usefull technic for all level skiers. Basically you have to follow
below steps for doing it.
Step one
stand with your Skis parallel and keep them perpendicular to the Fall Line. Plant your Ski
Poles uphill.
Step two
Swing your lower Ski forward and up, resting the tail on the snow and close to the tip of the
other Ski.
Step three
Rotate the lower Ski 180 degrees, swinging the Ski back to the snow. Lean forward and
slightly bend your knee. At this point, your Skis are facing opposite directions.
Step four
Slightly shift your weight to the lower Ski. Lift your other Ski and position it right next to the
lower Ski. You now have both Skis facing the same direction. (