Getting in & out of Ski Bindings

At last we are on the slope and ready to get the skis on but before you do that we have to know couple of things which will help us to do it properly. First things first find yourself nice and flat area it is important because if you are in the middle of the slope once you get into ski it starts to slide immediately and it will cause to lose your balance.

After you find a flat area, place your skis on the snow hip wide apart and parallel then make sure toe bindings are lined up together. Situate your uphill foot between your skis, keep in mind that wherever you are first you should get in to ski with your downhill foot. Another important thing that you have to bear in mind that there shouldn’t be snow between your boot and binding we need to clear the snow before you step in binding.
After all these preparations now its time to get the skis on, start to put the bindings on your foot with inserting your toe first and center your heel on the heel bindings then push your heel down hardly. If you see and hear the heel binding lock into place leave your foot up and be sure that your ski is securely attached. Lastly do the same process for your uphill foot.