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As Learningski Team, we are well aware that winter sports lovers believe in freedom and in following their own path no matter where the rest of the world heads towards; know how to enjoy the beautiful sun not only on sandy beaches, but also on top of the snow-white mountains; enjoy feeling excitement and adrenalin flowing through their veins, recognize the fact that everyone has the power over his own destiny and to turn life into a marvelous adventure; and are guided by their own beliefs rather than being concerned with what others believe. We have no doubt that this has turned into a life-style for each winter sports lover!

That’s why we, as Learningski Team, decided to share our experience in the field of winter sports on this website for anyone who is new at this sport or for those who would like to improve their ski skills. We believe that, with your contribution and support, the passion for winter sports will grow in Turkey and reach the popularity it deserves.

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